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Last summer I was lucky enough to intern at a beauty and lifestyle PR agency. As I'm sure most of you know, a huge part of PR and marketing is contacting bloggers. This was something I loved doing! Believe it or not companies can be quite selective with who they chose to blog about their products and it's not always dependent on your following. As blogging is being view more and more as a valued, employable skill- those with blogging experience are becoming prominent in PR companies. And so is the understanding of how engagement works. As the blogsphere has become more and more saturated it's now deeper than how many followers you have. So below is a list of things I found useful when looking for/ looking at blogs to see if they'd like to receive products!

1. Followers & Engagement 
Some brands do have a criteria when it comes to certain items. As an external PR company we obviously had to stick to these. However, a lot of the time it was up to us! Following really isn't everything. Yes it can help massively but engagment is a lot more important. If I saw people replying to comments and questions being asked it helped a lot. Don't ever understimate the power of interaction.

2. An Obvious place to find social media

Often, companies want to see your total following. This is all the followers you have on your Instagram, bloglovin, twitter etc. This needs to be easy to find on your blog. A lot of blogs have tabs on the top of their pages with the social media Icons, making it super easy to find all their platforms. Not only will this improve your following but it will also help massively when it comes to working with PR. If this is hidden or not there, PRs can't see all your great work.

3. The Quality of your posts

Linking products? Spell Checking? These all really help. Quality posts are what I would say is key to having companies want to work with you. This is where followers only get you so far! There are so many bloggers who work so hard and create such beautiful posts and photos. I'm not naming any names here but I remember sending a product to someone with a fair amount of followers ( in the ten thousands) and she literally posted a bog standard picture with about a 3 line review. This wasn't a one off either. So... I took her off the bloggers list.

This may seem a little savage but truth be told this was more for bloggers than for the brand. It wasn't an in house brand so from the PR companies P.O.V this would have been good coverage for us to send over. But from a brand's P.O.V it wouldn't be. There are so many good bloggers out there who give really in depth reviews. It just doesn't seem fair to give it to people who seem to have gone into blogging for the wrong reasons....

4. The Fake followers

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that people buy followers. In the past PR companies probably weren't aware of this. But with more and more bloggers emailing in to ask to work with their brands, they are becoming more and more hot on it. Especially as bloggers are becoming more and more prominent as PR workers.

Please remember to take this post in the context that its written! I am fully aware that bloggers do a lot for PR and it isn't a one way street. As much as PR companies are selective with their bloggers, bloggers should be selective with the products they represent to.

I still think theres a lot of work for PR companies to do to strengthen their relationship with bloggers. But I do hope that with the increase of bloggers working in PR this will improve.  But please remember without PR bloggers probably wouldn't be able to do their hobby for a living.

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