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So all of a sudden, despite the fact I never had spots in my teens,  they keep popping up on my face like it's going out of fashion. Why? I'm really not sure. It could be the weather, diet, hormones, skin routine- either way I'm doing a process of elimination to find out what it is. I'm starting with skin care and trying to improve my cleansing routine, which I have been a little lazy with recently. So at duty free I picked up a big bottle of the Clinique take the day off cleansing milk for £20... which I didn't think was too unreasonable considering the brand and the amount of product you got.

Clinique take the day off cleanser review

Clinique take the day off cleanser review

I have SO MANY REGRETS buying this product. The product claims to be a 'gentle remover' for eye and skin make up. I do not under any circumstance have sensitive skin or eyes. This stings so much, like shampoo in your eye during a shower sting. And the stinging continues for ages. My eyes do not stop leaking when I use it. So on this alone the product completely fails.

As for cleansing my skin, the products does a good- but not excellent job. It gets off my make up but a little does not go a long way by any means. The skin soaks its up way to quickly so I end up having to use a considerable amount to get it off and even with this, toner still picks up bits of dirt. And if my skin feels greasy beforehand, it doesn't make much of a difference afterwards.

In summary I wasted my hard earnt coin- there are a lot better cleansing products in the drugstore, which don't make me temporarily lose vision and you don't have to use half a bottle to clean your face. This will teach me for being disloyal to Lancome. Dammit.
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