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Primark PS Velvet Matte lipstick crayon
Primark PS Velvet Matte lipstick crayon
(Left to Right) Shades: Brown, Pink Nude & Mushroom

So it's probably not news that Primark has a huge beauty range. They have Pro bits, fake tan, nails- basically everything. There are some hidden gems in there but when everything's no more than around £3, it can be easy to presume that it's all a bunch of cheap rubbish. I'm here to debunk that myth and more importantly tell you what is and what isn't good, so you don't have to waste your time and money.

This time around I'm reviewing the P.S Love Velvet Matte Lipstick crayon. A Jumbo crayon somewhere in between a lipstick and lip pencil. These retail at £1.50 and come in quite a few shades. Long story short is, I really really rate these. Their longevity isn't great, but to be honest- I think that's the only thing that lets them down and I find other than liquid lipstick, none stay on. Their pigmentation is great, the texture is beautiful and really unique. Velvet matte is the perfect description for them. They are matte, but have a slight glossy dimension to them. Another great thing is they are not drying in the slightest. My only flaw would be they're a little hard to sharpen ( as thicker lip crayons often are). Out of all the Primark beauty bits, these are probably my favourite finds. They are absolute gems and for anyone on a budget, or anyone who wants to play with more colours but doesn't want to make an investment, I can not recommend these enough and would easily pay a lot more for them.
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