My Fake tan tips and kit

Fake tanning can be a recipe for disaster. Often we see patches, overly orange skin and faces a different colour. A lot of these can be avoided in the prep- and speaking as a lady who has been guilty on all charges above, I've tried a number of different ways to try and achieve the most natural looking tan possible. These steps can help guide you to a drama free tan....

1. Have a HOT shower

Fake tan's biggest nemesis is dry skin. The best way to tackle this is to get rid of it as you wash. Having an uber hot shower allows pours to open and thus its easier to get rid of the flakes.

2. Exfoliator

My favourite is the soap and glory 'flake away'. My only flaw with it is a little doesn't go a long way. Turn off the shower to stop it from all washing off. Place a small dollop on each part of your body then use either an exfoliating brush or glove to rub in- pay particular attention to areas prone to be very dry such as your ankles.

3. Shave with a new razor blade and gel

The last thing you want after fake tanning is to have to shave again the next day and erase all your work, leaving a nice array of streaky lines down your leg. Make sure you remove the hair for as long as you can. The exfoliating already would have helped with this but lather up with gel too, this will help prevent rash which is uncomfortable and not a great look with fake tan,

4. Let your skin dry properly

DO NOT jump out the shower and immediately apply fake tan, the water will drip and make it uneven. Also it will sting like a mofo if you apply fake tan straight after shaving, Leave your skin to dry for half and hour and then moisturize. Try to use one with as little scent as possible- all fake tans have some smell and often mixing the two can create a sickly aroma. I use Burt's bees honey and milk body location but palmers works well too. Make sure this is left to dry too.

5. Tanning the body

I use a spray as this avoids staining white sheets and orange hands. If you are rather pale, like myself, I find that Ambre Solaire in shade light works best. On this note please don't try go too dark too soon, If you find you go for the palest shades of foundations usually, don't go for the darkest fake tan! Sprays are not instant so it is best to do this in the morning. That way if you find you've missed places you can reapply tan to these areas later in the day so it darkens for when your ready to go out.

Place a little Vaseline on your elbows and knees. Keeping the bottle about 25cm from you, spray from neck down, I find on the chest and stomach area it works best to go horizontally. When doing the arms, keep them down and then put in then reach in the air so all areas get covered. When it comes to your legs go vertically and please remember the backs. Do the tops of your feet too as these are usually the biggest give away.

You will more than likely have to get someone to do your back for you. Sorry.

6. Tanning the face Prep

The spray I've recommended is fine for the face. Yet not all are. Usually you can judge by the smell if they are suitable. If it smells like pure vodka generally avoid spraying that directly into your eyes. My facial skin isn't that dry so I tend not to to do the whole exfoliating/ moisturizing routine for it. Just cleanse thoroughly.

7. NB: your lips

Make sure you exfoliate your lips properly. I would often end up with white lines around them and its where dry skin had shedded. Use a toothbrush if your lips are very dry, then apply a lip scrub- I recommend Lush's ones- then a lip balm which isn't too greasy.

8. Tanning the face

Spray all over for all different angles. Make sure you look up too and get underneath your jaw. Also remember to do the back of the neck. Keep the spray about 30cm away from your face at all times and close your eyes.

9. Make up

Do not use your usual foundation if you've faked tanned. Please. It's not a good look. Test different foundations for when you have a fake tan! Don't opt for anything darker too or all your hard work will be for nothing. I use Mac studio matchmaker when I tan, its two shades darker then what I usually have but a little goes a long way as its liquid avoiding that cakey look I fear.

Alternatively you may find you don't even need foundation with your new glow, so just go a shade darker  in the concealer!

You should not be surprised that your usually lipstick, eye shadow and blusher shades now do not suite. Your completion has change and so different colour ways will now suite you more. Experiment with these before getting ready for a night out!

10. Added extra

If your tan is for a night out, rub a little baby oil on your shoulders and legs for something special.

And voolah! You are a tanned goddess! I hope you found this post useful. What are your tips and tricks for tanning? Let me know in the box below :) x

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