Instagram OOTW | 2/7/17-8/7/17

I started blogging because I really wanted to share my outfits and style pairings- it's something I've always loved! Sadly, outfit photos are hard to post regularly without someone there to take photos (sadly Scott is not yet an instagram boyfriend) so I try to take photos in the mirror when I can! Here's a little, low down on what I've been wearing this week. If you want to keep up with my instagram and more outfit posts, make sure you follow here.



The L'oreal Infallible Foudation and Primer Review

If anyone asks me what my favourite drugstore brand is, it's always L'oreal. Predominately for their mascaras and eyeliners. However, I know that they're notorious for their true match foundations. Sadly, I couldn't test the ones which I thought could be my shade, so I'd thought I'd try out the infallible one instead (You know, the one with the MASS blogger marketing campaign) as well as the mattifying primer too.



Some Recent VLOGs

Hey all! With finishing my third year of university, I feel like my life is getting a little more exciting! I thought I'd pop up some of my recent Vlogs over on this channel, in case you didn't know I do also do Youtube! Have a look at the button on the left to subscribe for more content about university life and advice and well as fashion and beauty bits.



Eylure Eyebrow Range | Review and Swatches

Eylure Eyebrow range

Eylure eyebrow

I was recently gifted a lot of wonderful eyebrow products from Eylure! There eyelashes and brow products are amazing and in my opinion one of the best brands on the highstreet. Especially as those two types of products can be really expensive. They're affordable and generally a really good quality. I appreciate the sophisticated packaging ( I think it makes it look a lot more expensive!) and I always think they nail blogger collaborations! Have a little scroll to see what I think of the range!



28 Empty Products | Youtube

I've been holding onto my empty products for far too long! Moving out of my university home was the best time to tell you all about them and get rid. Enjoy! ( P.S don't forget to Sub!)



Tips for finishing off your Prom Look

My Summer Ball has just been and gone and for the first time at a big event , I think I was happy with all aspects of my outfit. I was reusing a dress so that wasn't too much of an issue and it meant I could just focus on completing it and getting all the fine details. I know Proms are coming up soon so I hope some of this helps!



ASOS June wishlist

As my 60 days of no spending (on clothes and beauty) is beggining to come into full swing (10 days now) the spending itch is feeling like it's needing to get scratched. Asos is the cryptonite of all online shoppers and at the moment some of their pieces are simply beautiful. Here's a run down of what I'm lusting afterwards and if I think I might purchase or just admire from afar. 


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